About Us

Deep V Jumpsuit made in the US in gray tencel



Good Apparel is the house line of US based manufacturer, Good Clothing Company. Good Clothing Company is dedicated to re-shoring the US apparel industry, ethical and sustainable practices, and job creation. With the inception of Good Apparel, these goals are perpetuated, one garment at a time.

The utilization of locally sourced and sustainable fibers is always at the core of the design process and oftentimes determines the style direction of the collection. All of our seamstresses are paid fair wages and work in our facilities here in the US. We feel that the balance of small runs, ethically sourced materials and fairly paid US workers are crucial to the framework of a responsible brand.

Good Apparel was inspired by the opportunity to use our sustainable manufacturing facility, and talented team, to create a brand that is driven by the marriage of mission and aesthetic. Our mission is to create a model of production that allows the environment, our staff and the consumer to benefit. Through the appreciation of this particular ecosystem of creator, constructor and consumer, all of which have a strong interest in both ethical and eco production practices, we were able to develop a collection rooted in sustainability. Our aesthetic grew as a concept of clean lines built to last a lifetime. This does not mean that style is sacrificed, rather considered on a deeper level. Our consumer understands the importance of mission and aesthetic - wearing good means dressing well.



By producing in small batches, we are able to avoid excessive waste and overproduction. With environmental issues at the forefront of our mission, we produce in small batches to meet demand. Everything is developed and manufactured in-house, thereby reducing our footprint and passing savings along to our consumer. Additional benefits that result from creating a completely vertical business model are quality control, US based jobs and higher wages for employees. Less waste, smarter production and quality product.